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On Thursday, January 01, 1998 10:09 PM Adam
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> >Just wondering what kind of cable should I use to connect a NST to the
> >protection network, i.e. the chokes, bypass caps & SG?  I have a few metres
> >of neon cable.  I'm guessing this is quite suitable for this purpose.
> Yes, this is the ideal wire.  For those looking for HV insulated wire 
> (15kV -40kV), you can:
>      1.  Order it by the foot from a surplus house
>      2.  Buy some from a neon supply shop.
>      3.  Get some from junked TV sets or a TV repair place
>      4.  Get spark plug wire, from an auto parts store.
> They'll all work fine.

I would be a bit concerned on the last entry since regular automotive spark 
plug wire has a built in resistance. I would only use copper core spark 
plug wire, why add unnecessary resistive losses.


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