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> Hey all.
> Just wondering what kind of cable should I use to connect a NST to the
> protection network, i.e. the chokes, bypass caps & SG?  I have a few metres
> of neon cable.  I'm guessing this is quite suitable for this purpose.
> Also what kind of cable should I use to connect the Tesla tank components.
> I presume there's quite a large current flowing through here and neon cable
> can't hack it.  Or am I mistaken.
> And finally what kind of wire should I use to wind the chokes?
> Help appreciated.
> Andrew Chin

The best hook-up "wire" that I used for the tank circuit was 1/4 inch
copper tubing. It's easy to bend, but you have to use caution when
working around this area with the power on because of the lack of
insulation. I suggest you use an insulated cover over the tank
circuit,(if possible). 

Good luck :-)