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The neon sign cable will work fine for the xmfr to oscillator connections. 
Use #6 AWG or 1/2 wide copper strap for your tank (LC) circuit connections.
 Sometimes you may have to use a few short pieces of tygon tubing over the
#6 to provide better HV insulation.


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> Subject: 	Cable question
> Hey all.
> Just wondering what kind of cable should I use to connect a NST to the
> protection network, i.e. the chokes, bypass caps & SG?  I have a few
> of neon cable.  I'm guessing this is quite suitable for this purpose.
> Also what kind of cable should I use to connect the Tesla tank
> I presume there's quite a large current flowing through here and neon
> can't hack it.  Or am I mistaken.
> And finally what kind of wire should I use to wind the chokes?
> Help appreciated.
> Andrew Chin