Stupid question....

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You might consider either 24 or 26 AWG for this size coil.  Best to use
polythermalizae (200 degree cent.) wire as this has a superior insulation
thickness and offers better protection from breakdown in any system in
which the spark length will nearly or exceed the coil length.  Also in such
systems it is a good idea to silicon in a 1/4 inch thick acrylic or
phenolic disk approx. 3-5 inches down from the top end of the sec coil.


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> Subject:  Stupid question....
> Hey all,
> This I know is a stupid question, but I don't know, and I need 
> to.....know what #6 bare wire's diameter messures in inches......
> Dan
> Danz_da_man-at-hotmail-dot-com
> Also.....Im trying to decide what sized magnetwire to order.....Im 
> either going to use 2" pcv or 4" with a ratio of 1:5......Im going to 
> use leyden jars for caps......Im using about 40' of #6 bare wire for the 
> primary....and Im using a 15v/30ma transformer.........any suggestions?  
> This is my first coil and you all know a lot more than me so Id 
> appriciate the help.....thx