mic trannies

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> I sure am sick of frying neons - I have an unlimited supply of
> microwave transformers...  how many of you have had successful
> results using them?  ...and is it possible to get more than 6kv out of
> them in a series without internal arcing?  10kv at 500ma would be
> pretty damn cool... :)  
> Any comments, suggestions welcome.
> Jeff Corr >>


I've used 4 microwave trannies in series (middle two cores grounded),
but there was some corona effects between outer cores and windings.
It held...but long term may be a problem.  But dump these outer (or
all) cores in oil, and you may be off and running. 

I obtained 68" sparks using 6kVA...not the most efficient system,
but nice performance anyway.

John Freau