SGG Questions - Cliff's Notes

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> Michael and all,
> By Sync Gap do you mean driving the RSG with a Sync type AC motor? My DC
> servo has a tach feedback system and is very stable and accurate on rpm
> settings. I know a sync ac motor runs at a given speed relatave to the
> phasing, but I plan to have an adjustable dwell on the gaps. Will I
> still be in trouble using the NST because the possibility that an out of
> phase condition could exist?

I'm not sure I know what you mean by an adjustable dwell.  As long
as the motor runs at the correct speed, AND you can adjust the
rotor position relative to the incoming ac sine wave (the phase adj),
you'll be OK.  Then just adjust the phase for best spark output.

I've always wanted to try this electronic speed and phase control
method you're using BTW, but never got around to it.  You've
basically created a sync-gap by electronic control means.

John Freau