Re: toroid shaped coil capacitance

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Subject: 	Re: toroid shaped coil capacitance

to: Mark

Do your reference books contain any equations for the "suface area" of both
a sphere and torus?  I'm working on an article for the TCBA and have the
equations for capacitance but not surface area.  Thanks in advance.


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> Subject: Re: toroid shaped coil capacitance
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> Greetings Distributed Capacitance Enthusiasts:
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> <I am trying to realize a very high bandwidth Rogowski Coil s . Now I am
> >to formulate and minimise toroid shaped Bobbin capacitance .
> >
> >Could you help me namely reccommend me literature that s aim is to
> >formulate capacitance value of toroid inductances .
>         I have seen no literature references to the distributed
> of a toroidal geometry coil.  You may have to construct several coils and
> measure the capacitance yourself using Howe's method (Radiotron
> Handbook, 4th ed.).  You might be able to calculate it via integration by
> examining the energy stored in the coil (one half C x V squared) (as in
> Pulse Generators, volume 3 of the MIT Radiation Laboratory Series).
> Medhurst's distributed capacitance papers, which apply to tesla coils,
> strictly for solenoidal geometries with one end of the coil earth
>         There are some commercial vendors (Pearson) and a number of
> university sites which might be able to help you out (do a search of the
> Regards,
> Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.