nst question!!

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<< snip > Or could having
> 90mil of poly between the shunts and the primary be causing it to heat
> up. My first guess was it was probably because I modified the ma.
> Also the distance from the shunts to the primary is pretty close to the
> same as before I modified it about 70ma.

It might be providing a lot more than 70ma.  Those shunts are very
sensitive to changes.  You could add some pfc caps to correct the
power factor which would reduce the current draw.  (I'm assuming
the tranny is not already pfc corrected).

> My second question is, I have a 15000-at-30ma unpotted neon, but the
> primary that was on it is shorted big time. Now then the secondaries are
> are good and Iwas wondering if they would hold up if I replace the 12000
> with the 15000 secondaries. If this worked it would give me 15000-at-70ma,
> but I don't want to fry my only 60ma tranny. Altough I do have a 7500-at-
> 60ma, it is weak in comparison.

This seems like too much work for my taste.  Also, a 15,000v unit 
is normally rated for more power than a 12,000v unit which may put
more demands on the core and primary.  In other words, you might
not see as much of a gain as expected.  Have you considered 
rewinding the bad primary.  This way you'd still have two trannies,
and you don't have to worry about ruining the 12kV one.  

My recommendation:  Go to some neon sign shops are ask for 
some free or cheap trannies.  Once you have enough of these
things, you'll never want to rebuild or open them again.  Just my

John Freau 
> Thanks,
> Chris