SGG Questions - Cliff's Notes

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> > Michael and all,
> > By Sync Gap do you mean driving the RSG with a Sync type AC motor? My DC
> > servo has a tach feedback system and is very stable and accurate on rpm
> > settings. I know a sync ac motor runs at a given speed relatave to the
> > phasing, but I plan to have an adjustable dwell on the gaps. Will I
> > still be in trouble using the NST because the possibility that an out of
> > phase condition could exist?
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> I'm not sure I know what you mean by an adjustable dwell.  As long
> as the motor runs at the correct speed, AND you can adjust the
> rotor position relative to the incoming ac sine wave (the phase adj),
> you'll be OK.  Then just adjust the phase for best spark output.
> I've always wanted to try this electronic speed and phase control
> method you're using BTW, but never got around to it.  You've
> basically created a sync-gap by electronic control means.
> John Freau
Thanks for the info, John. It's snowing again in Ohio and time to make
things in the lab! I probably used a wrong term by saying dwell. what I
am trying to construct is a 20 degree adjustment on the fixed gaps on
the outer ring. (Adjustable along the radius of the rotor.)