winding your own transformer

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I used to go to the dump and get the old transformers from old TV sets.  I
would break down the core and if the 120 primary was the bottom winding, I
would then rewind these for low voltage transformers for stereo amps or
filament transformers for transmitting tubes.  At the time it was fun.  I
would not even consider today trying to wind a high voltage transformer for
Tesla work.  Simply a personal choice.  A pole pig is a much better choice
for me and the cost is reasonable.  I paid $290 for my 10 Kva 14,400 VAC pig
and the shipping ended up being about $24 to our plant.  T&R just drove up
and dropped it off here in Wisconsin.  I would suggest this before trying to
wind your own.  Good Luck either way!


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Subject: winding your own transformer

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>Just wondering, how many of you have had experience with winding
>your own transformer?
>Jeff Corr