Adj. Pri. Cap

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>>>Are you thinking about bringing out external taps or are you looking to
>make it infinately adjustable, to adjust it while in operation. A number
>of coilers have used either method with success. An air-insulated
>variable transmitting capacitor (1/4" or so spacing between plates)
>which is immersed in transformer oil will work quite well when connected
>across your main cap(s) to provide precision tuning. However, be very
>careful that you are not going to make accidental contact with either
>lead of the cap - I've seen primary RF jump about 2.5". Use a long shaft
>made from a good insulating material.
>Safe cappin' to you!
>-- Bert --<<
>I'm thinking of verticle plates with a sliding action. One side stationary
>the other slides in and out. 90mil of PE inbetween plates and the whole
>thing in a tank of mineral oil.
>Sound good?
>Rene Caldera - So. Calif.

  Rene -

  I used a barn door adj cap. Two pieces of plexiglas with alum foil
cemented to them. The plexiglas pieces were connected with a hinge and a
long handle. The capacitance could be varied from about 20 to 150 pf. It
worked very good with a larger capacitance in parallel. 

  John Couture