From:  Gregory R. Hunter [SMTP:ghunter-at-mail.enterprise-dot-net]
Sent:  Saturday, January 24, 1998 12:37 PM
To:  Tesla List
Subject:  Shunts?

Dear Readers,

I have a question that's bugging me.  How do current limiting
magnetic shunts work?  I don't have any reading material on power
transformers, and I can't figure out how current limiting
transformers work.

I've been examining some old microwave oven transformers.  They are
current limited, as I can clearly see the shunts.  The primary is
bundled on the bottom, and the secondary is bundled on top.  The
shunts are sandwiched in between.  They form a bridge between the
center and outer legs of the core.  They look exactly like the core
material.  I have a good grip on power transformer fundamentals, but
I don't see how the shunts can clamp both primary and secondary
current.  Any body have a clue?