FW: ferrite chokes

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You can go to the mountain, or ---- have the mountain come to you.  Just
wrap your toroid with one layer of common plastic electric tape and then
wind  your core with standard house wiring 16 AWG with 600 volt PVC
insulation.  Now insulate this assembly on a post of 4 inch high plastic
rod (we use 1 inch dia delrin rod).  Fasten the toroid to the rod with a
plastic (nylon) bolt and washer.  Fasten the bottom of the delrin rod to
your base with a tapped 3/8-16 NC hole no deeper than 3/8 inch into the
delrin.  This essentially makes a standoff insulator and then it is not
necessary to spend a lot of time and energy trying to insulate the toroid
core from ground.  It's fast, easy, and it works!


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> i wrapping  up my toroid choke to protect my neons with some .006 mil
>  i cut a 1 inch by ten foot strip and started winding.  the layers
> for a combined .024 mil i estimate.  is this enough or should i use some
> more?  also, would it be better to wind one layer and then another on top
> of that?  if i did that how much poly would be needed inbetween layers? 
> also remember something from a previous post about winding layers.  i
> it went like this... one layer of five turns was wound and then four
> were wound on top of that.  then moving over, five more turns were wound
> and the four turns on top of that...and so on.  if you do this, do you
> to insulate between the layer of five and the layer of four?  another
> thing, do i have to use the rg-59 wire, or could i use just plain old #20
> pvc coated wire?  my only concern with the rg-59 is that i'll need a lot
> layers because of the thick insualtion.  right now i have two 3" O.D.
> I.D. toroids and 4 1-1/8" O.D. 5/8" I.D. toroids at my disposal.  any
> comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks,
> Kevin