Any hope here?

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>From:  Michael Baumann [SMTP:baumann-at-proton.llumc.edu]
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>Subject:  Any hope here?
>Well, I am feeling a little defeated.. I think I got a bit ambitious.
>Fired up my new coil today after rebuildng the primary, and building
>a new topload, and could not get breakout to save my life. With
>a bump on the outside edge I did mangage to get regular 30" arcs.
>I'd love to have this beast firing without the bump tho-
>So I am open for suggestions!!!
>Primary: 13 1/2 turns, tapped at 12 3/8 [ yes, the Q of this
>         system is sensitive to 1/8 turn tapping] 8.25" inner
>         0.25" tubing, 0.25" spacing, 30degree rise.
>Secondary: 6.25" x 25" 22AWG
>Toriod: 15" center-to-center, 6" Aluminum duct [covers top
>        2 inches of secondary at the moment]
>Gap: RQ style [1" pipe, in 2" segments, my 3" based one is
>      being rebuilt]
>Cap: Total of 0.0135 uf of homebrew poly plate.
>Power: 2 12KV/30ma NST in parallel.
>I am wondering if my topload is just too big, and if I should make a
>4" based one? or if there is some trick of tuning I could use to get
>breakout without the bump?
>[Note that this same coil, with a 12"x3" torid produces several
> 18" arcs at the same time.]
>Michael Baumann  Optivus Technology Inc.|Loma Linda University Medical
>San Bernardino, California. (909)799-8308 |Internet: baumann-at-llumc.edu

Michael, I believe your hypothesis that this top is a little large for
the power you are putting in is probably correct.  The fact that you get
zero breakout without a bump but get sparks with a bump is a classic
indicator of underpowering a top.

Rather than go to a smaller top, I'd encourage you to add another
transformer or two in parallel and kick your power up some.  Once the
voltage DOES break out of this top - with no bump - it's gonna jump out

Bert Pool