Glass Caps

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Most will tell you that glass is not the way to go and I agree.
HOWEVER, I've used glass for years because it's cheap,
easily repaired and less of a mess than poly and oil. So,
given the disclaimer that poly is better than glass and you
shouldn't waste your time, blah, blah, etc., etc....

I've used heavy duty aluminum foil and 1/8" thick window
glass in a series/parallel arrangement to achieve the 
balance between voltage handling and capacitance. I
don't recall the figures off hand but they're well published
here and elsewhere.

Get a large plastic tub and immerse the cap in mineral
or transformer oil making sure that you've left enough
aluminum foil to rise up out of the oil. You'll then fold and
crimp the foil plates to form connections and wala!

Easy, easy, fast, fast... but of course, as you'll soon find
out on this forum, poly is better and store bought is best.

Jeff W. Parisse, Director
kVA Effects

>Anyone ever run a medium or large coil with a glass cap?  I'm trying 
>to figure out how bad the heating problem is at 1KVA and up