Tranny question...

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This is normal.  As long as the difference isn't more than 30% apart or so,
but I have an Alanson 15kv.  One side has a resistance of 8k, the other has
a resistance of 10k.

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>Subject:  Tranny question...
>I have aquired a 15kv/30ma tranny and have have noticed 
>a......suspicious quality.  Upon testing the tranny for resistance I 
>found that the resistance of one secondary output to the ground was 
>different than the resistance of the other secondary output to the 
>ground.  Arent they supposed to be the same?  I got the tranny for free 
>and Im wondering if this is the reason why....on the other hand Im not 
>wise in the way of these things so Im asking all you.  Please give me 
>some input, and thanks.

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