Voltage/Length (fwd)

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      This talk of infinities is ringing alarm bells for me:

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>   Bill, All -
>   The Tuve et al 5 million volt TC "pick up ball" method for measuring the
> secondary voltage is unique in that it offers infinite impedance. This meant
> no loading on the secondary circuit. Because the sec wiring was so small any
> loading would have made it impossible to measure the sec voltage.

    It is impossible to measure something without loading it. A well 
established principle known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle 
has a lot to say about this. Only the degree to which the measured 
item is loaded is in question. 

    Secondly, this talk floating around about infinite output 
impedances is garbage.  Is the Q of your coil finite or not??

Time to get back to reality I think.