Measuring secondary voltage (fwd)

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Mr Cox, All,
              That is a most useful piece of information:

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> Subject  Measuring secondary voltage (fwd)

> with 9 ft spark discharges between two 1/2 inch dia rods.  System was
> running with a 34 x 8 1/2 inch dia torus.  The static firing produced spark
> discharges only 34 inches long between the torus and a 24 inch dia ground
> oblate.
> Hope this information is of assistance.
> DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net

Indeed. Now it would be most interesting to know if there is any 
frequency dependence in that figure. 3'/MV is close to a figure I've 
been using for some time to calculate a minimum secondary height for
a given maximum Vout I wish to run. 

Thank you,