winding your own transformer

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Hey Cliff,
I've been reading though hundreds of emails trying to get caught up and ran
across this one (been in Mexico City on business the past 10 days). I was
just thinking that it might be worth calling up a local motor rewind shop
and asking if they would wind the thing for you on professional equipment. I
wouldn't think it would cost too much if you have your own materials. Just a

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> > Just wondering, how many of you have had experience with winding
> > your own transformer?
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> > Jeff Corr
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> Jeff,
> Haven't tried it yet, but I'm getting ready to make a new secondary on
> my pole pig. I will be shooting for a 15Kv secondary. Right now the
> biggest problem will be trying to wind it in a size that will fit inside
> the transf case. I'll let you know what happens when I get into it.