Tranny question...

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>Subject:  Tranny question...
>I have aquired a 15kv/30ma tranny and have have noticed 
>a......suspicious quality.  Upon testing the tranny for resistance I 
>found that the resistance of one secondary output to the ground was 
>different than the resistance of the other secondary output to the 
>ground.  Arent they supposed to be the same?  I got the tranny for free 
>and Im wondering if this is the reason why....on the other hand Im not 
>wise in the way of these things so Im asking all you.  Please give me 
>some input, and thanks.
How much different?.............
It is normal to have secondaries in these tranaformers differ in resistance
by up to 10%, but a vast difference means something is shorted or screwed
up.  Forget ever measuring the resistance..........look at the spark lenght
drawn off each knob to ground or case.  If they are about the same in
length, color, and intensity, then all is well. (temporarily)

Richard Hull, TCBOR