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  Ed -

 Refer to my post regarding magnifying power to Jim Monte re: "Magnify power
(was Voltage/Length)"

  The volt amps are VA not RVA referred to in the secondary.

  The Tuve et al pickup probe was calibrated in their laboratory using a
known voltage in an electric field but at lower voltage levels. The probe
sensed the electric field around the Tesla coil. Everything was in oil.

  Some time ago I posted information on tests I recently made with neon
transformers. I made a graphs which showed that with certain
resistor/capacitor combinations the VA "out" was greater than the VA "in".
However, the watts "out" were less than the watts "in".

  John Couture

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>"  Jim -
>  Tuve, et al did build and test a 5 MV TC in 1930. A drawing is shown in
>the Tesla Coil Construction Guide. Also shown are some calculations on how
>they determined the power gain.
>  The Guide also shows a test method to measure the TC secondary voltage of
>a small TC using a remote pickup probe. I made some tests with this setup
>using a small TC but the results were inconclusive.
>  John Couture"
>	What do you mean by power gain in the above statement?????
>Reactive volt-ampers in the secondary can never exceed those in
>the primary, even for a system without losses.... (Make that volt-amperes).
>	I can't see how a pickup probe could give reasonable answers
>unless there were no corona or streamers.