Did rotary cause failure ?

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>  >    Two days ago I fired up my 3 KW Tcoil and got some impressive results
>  >for being conservative.  I had spent a few days re-building my supply and
>  >wanted to take it easy for a while using 1000 rpm on the rotary gap.  Last
>  >night I took photo's of the unit and between frames increased the speed of
>  >the motor.  After about 30 seconds at 2400 rpm one of my transformers
>  >again, died.   >snip
>  >Thanks all for any input.
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>  >Dwight
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> Dwight,
> If these are those photocopy type trannies, I believe Skip Greiner
> has run these successfully using a synchronous gap system, with
> resonant charging.  Skip used a safety gap on each tranny I think,
> and obtained 65" sparks if I remember correctly.  This kind of set-
> requires the correct sized cap to resonate with the tranny.  Skip
> possibly modified the trannies by improving the insulation as
> described by Fr. Tom and maybe others.  I think Skip used about
> 2100 watts input, but I'm relying on my memory here (beware  :)
> John Freau

Right on all counts, John. I had major difficulties in trying to run
these things async and I was very afraid that they would fry so I
reverted to sync operation only. The system is very sensitive to the
resonator cap. Not only does it provide the resonant voltage boost but
it is also the tank cap for the TC. Finding the correct match for all
parameters can be a real chore. I also pumped these babies up to about
30+ amps (ammeter reading) but the gap was very unhappy at that level.
This is one of the areas that I must revisit after i finally complete
the 2kw twin.