rotary gap failure found (fwd)

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> Subject: rotary gap failure found
> Hello All and thanks,
>   To Mr. Tom Mcgahee,  I think you hit my problem right on the nose!
> My transformers are the H&R 5 KV 300ma variety.  Also I had my tank cap
> hooked up when I adjusted the safety gap.  I just ordered a replacement
> transformer and I will try your suggestion of safety gap adjustment
> procedure while I am trying to hunt down a synconus motor.
>   You had mentioned modifying the transformers.  Could you elaborate on
> this modification.  They are extremely tough to get into without damaging
> the secondary.
> Thanks again,
> Dwight

Very, very carefully begin the removal of the outer wrap around the
secondary until you get down to where the actual winding is connected to
the external wires. Again , very carefully continue to remove insulation
until you can expose where the inside turn of the secondary is routed up
the side of the secondary winding. It is necessary to separate this wire
which on my trannies was about #30 all the way down to where it enters
the secondary near the core. I then covered this wire with several
layers of shrink tubing and i then put several layers of corona dope all
around the secondary winding. I saturated it and allowed it to dry for
several weeks. After making up new exterior wires and attaching them. I
made firm attachments so that the exterior wires could not pull on the
#30 winding wires. I then put a liberal coating of RTV over everything. 

I do not run the trannies in oil as has been suggested elsewhere. I have
run them for extended periods and they do get warm but there has never
been any sign of any arc-over. I do have the individual gap on each
tranny set to 4500v and these are not varied. I also have a third gap
across the two series connected secondaries but the 4500v gap fires
before the wider gap does.

Hope this helps