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Michael, looks like you have gone through the same scenario I did.  One
thing that made all the difference was the ablility to raise the
secondary out of the primary.  The bottom of my secondary coil sits
about 3" above the bottom of the primary.  With 15KV-at-30ma / 4" OD X 18"
and the primary the same as yours, I am getting 31" with a static gap. 
Without that ability of raising the coil, I was getting about 18-20".
Oh by the way, the toroid is 4" x 18" diam.


> Well, I am feeling a little defeated.. I think I got a bit ambitious.
> Fired up my new coil today after rebuildng the primary, and building
> a new topload, and could not get breakout to save my life. With
> a bump on the outside edge I did mangage to get regular 30" arcs.
> I'd love to have this beast firing without the bump tho-
> So I am open for suggestions!!!
> Parameters:
> Primary: 13 1/2 turns, tapped at 12 3/8 [ yes, the Q of this
>          system is sensitive to 1/8 turn tapping] 8.25" inner
>          0.25" tubing, 0.25" spacing, 30degree rise.
> Secondary: 6.25" x 25" 22AWG
> Toriod: 15" center-to-center, 6" Aluminum duct [covers top
>         2 inches of secondary at the moment]
> Gap: RQ style [1" pipe, in 2" segments, my 3" based one is
>       being rebuilt]
> Cap: Total of 0.0135 uf of homebrew poly plate.
> Power: 2 12KV/30ma NST in parallel.
> I am wondering if my topload is just too big, and if I should make a
> 4" based one? or if there is some trick of tuning I could use to get
> breakout without the bump?
> [Note that this same coil, with a 12"x3" torid produces several
>  18" arcs at the same time.]
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