Thanks for the help!

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Sent:  Monday, January 26, 1998 2:38 PM
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Subject:  Thanks for the help!

Based on the suggestions of the lists, I did *almost* get my
6"x15" toroid to break out. 
Actually.. it does break out - once in a while. I think I may
still be a tad conservitive on my SG, as after a few seconds
at full power, it start firing. 
On the other hand, with all the suggested tweaks, I hit a 
personal best of 34" with a breakout bump.
The following changes were made:
Safety gap widened from 0.095/side to 0.125 [from .190 to .250 total]
Spark Gap widened from 0.13 to .213
A channel built to funnel the air across the gaps with more velocity
Toroid raised about 3", so that the bottom is about 1" above the top turns

All of these changes combined managed to eke out 4 more inches. Mind you,
this was to a well grounded wire, but still makes me pretty happy :)
[oh, and is straight line measurement from bump to strike point]

Thanks again!

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