Thanks for the help! (and MORE)

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On 27 Jan, Tesla List wrote:

> I'm glad to hear of your new results.  BTW, I think I was using between
> 3/8" to 1/2" safety gaps on each side in my coil.

> I have both acheived good outputs from neon systems using sync gaps,
> without any tranny failures, but only time will tell how effectively the sync
> gaps "protect" the trannies.  Perhaps if more folks start using sync gaps
> on their neon systems, a long term consensus (on tranny longevity) 
> will emerge. 
> An  interesting experiment would be to install a toroid that is 4 or 5" thick,
> but maybe 25" in overall dia, and see what happens. 

Funny you should mention that.. I am in the process of seeking out 
the directions to modify a motor to sync operation for just that reason.
[More power for less..] I figure if I smoke the tranny now, well, it
gave me a good result, and I can't really learn too much more from it.

I have also considerd the 4" approach, but instead may try to
manufacture a very smooth 'hump' to provide directional control over the
arc, while still allowing hefty buildup to occur.

Onward and Upward....

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