Adj. Pri. Cap

From:  Rene Caldera [SMTP:Rene-at-compuserve-dot-com]
Sent:  Tuesday, January 27, 1998 7:38 PM
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Subject:  Adj. Pri. Cap

>>it would seem to me that a near optimal design would be to copy the
tuning condenser from an older radio - two half circles (yes, I know the
radio ones aren't circles), one affixed to the bottom of your bucket, then
some insulation and oil, then the other half circle.  you could (if you
the urge) stack these up.  this could be adjusted with virtually no
displacement of oil, and could be adjusted with the coil running if you
a non-conducting shaft.


The TRW swapmeet is comming up and I was just thinking of the same idea.
I've seen some large adjustable caps there but have never priced them. I
guess I could rig one up to take the HV and sink it in oil.
Yes, it would have to be a secondary cap, but an adjustable one.


Rene Caldera - So. Calif.