Jumping in with both feet?

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Subject:  Re:  Jumping in with both feet?

DC Cox wrote:

>As the top load increases the sec freq drops down which
>requires either more inductance or more capacitance. 

That's clear enough... In this case, I've got two extra turns available in
the primary, so I could go for inductance... 

>If more capacitance is added greater drive current is required
>to quickly recharge the cap.  Drive current is usually much 
>more important than potential assuming you are running in
>the area of 10-15 kV. 

Ok, I see now.   

>If your sec outputs become large you might also consider 
>adding a ground "strike rail", ie, a copper wire suspended
>slightly above and 2 inches outside of the primary inductor. 

You are an optimist, but perhaps I'll get to that performance level soon.

Steve Johnston