Jumping in with both feet?

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Subject:  Re:   Jumping in with both feet?

D.C. Cox wrote (re neighbors mit torches & pitchforks):

>A good idea is to invite them over for a BBQ and show off your
>coil to their kids.  They will all have fun and usually ignore an
>occasional glitch in their TV or stereo reception if they think
>you are taking an active interest in the education of their 

Good suggestions...  

Of course, I've probably had a previous impact on their consumer electronics
when I've cranked up my HF/VHF/UHF transmitters.  And their kids are already
attracked to my 1951 military jeep.  I'm their worst nightmare!

>Be sure to provide free soda and BBQ -- 

Bribery?  Never!  Well, maybe this once.

Steve Johnston