Greeting and a question on MMC's


I'm Ted a coiler in NZ.

Have been reading about the use of MMC designs. Have been using rolled
caps with HDPE dielectrics, lots of success but like the idea of
an MMC.

My current design uses MWO xfrmrs (4 in a phased array with outer HV
winding floating and in oil to provide about 9kV at up to 500mA.

Looking to make about 100nF at 30kV or so from multi mini caps.

As alway budgets are important and selecting caps that will survive and
work is critical. Can you recommend any in particular. Been looking at
some of the surplus sites and have found ASC #THD-42 330nF -at- 2kVDC but
no data was available and a search of Mfrs was fruitless.

Also found 220nF 4kV from ASC but again no data avail.

Mentioned these in case you already know of these as being unsuitable
and could comment.

Tnx and good coiling, enjoyed the informed technical discussions on