Re: V-27 tube coil: latest results

very interesting work. Is there any top load
on the coil? If not, do you think an arc would break out
in the staccato mode with top load? I have loaded top capacitance
(with one of your toroids) and adjusted the tank capacitance
and can get my CW tube coil to intensely arc over to a ground but not
break out to open air, however the RF field area is nasty.
John W. G.

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>Hello coilers,
>The following describes my work in obtaining 24" tube coil sparks
>from a small 3" by 12" secondary, using a lightweight level shifted
>power supply for portability.  The pulsed staccato feature provides
>added variety and interest to the spark output, and permits the coil
>to give 24" sparks while running on a 120V, 15amp circuit.
>John Freau