Re: Poly-Lok polyester resin transformer...

Hi Apollo,

I like to swim around ;-) in chemicals as found at:


If you send me a little chunk of the stuff I can try to see if the usual
chemicals we have at work will slice through it.  Unfortunately, this is
not worth the effort to the typical coiler trying to fix a neon but I would
be curious as to was does slice through this material.

	If you (or anyone else) cares to send me a little bit the address is:

Terry Fritz
641 S. Loomis Ave.
Fort Collins, Colorado
USA		80521

I will post back the results to the list.   I hope this material does not
become widespread in the neon industry.  Fancy potting may be a big deal as
these new protection circuit technologies start to take hold and the
manufacturers try to hide "their" solution from competitors or modernize
their transformers to do away with tar.

I can see in 10 years where all these nice neon transformers have finally
been replaced with switching electronic gizmos (they will eventually figure
out how to make them work) and we run out of surplus neons.  We may have to
figure out a nice universal switching power design to replace them that
almost any coiler coil reproduce (or good soles could make for them).
Although the "disappearance of our favorite 15kV/60mA transformer is far
off, it never hurts to be a step ahead.



At 07:25 PM 12/28/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone know how to remove the polyester resin potting in
>a transco poly-lok transformer?
>Heating doesn't seem to work, I heard the typical chemicals 
>don't work...  ??