Re: Coiling again

Hi Steve

I did think of that - and could rewire my H-Bridge gap, but I was
enjoying the sparks and didn't get to it. It would limit my break
rate to 120 BPS, but could use it to test the charging choke
stuff at least. I guess if I was able to get 2V out of the choke it
should produce similar results as the H-Bridge at the same
break rate.


> Steve Young wrote:
> > Just wondering if you have ever tried the simpler variation of your
> > interesting Marx gap idea.  That is, simply charge your 0.05 uF tank cap
> > one RSG presentation, and discharge it into the primary on the next
> > presentation.  Charge and discharge are isolated, as you described for
> > Marx gap.  This would be one bang.  Repeat the above over and over with
> > same polarity of charge (not switching polarity every other bang as in
> > H-bridge RSG).