Re: First year 2000 ozone fix!

> We briefly tried it with the connecting wire removed. With the top toroid
> now electrically isolated and suspended 3" above the other one, with a
> breakout wire hanging off it, we got a bright arc between the two.  With the
> toroid spinning the arc went around too, but we were now getting
> interference on the TV.

> Steve Bell (UK)
> steve-at-breakfix.demon.co.uk
> http://www.breakfix.demon.co.uk

I have considered doing this but fluffed it off as something that
wouldnt work...   

my question is ???   Why would the streamer conduct to the extra toriod
if electrically isolated ???? Is the capacitance of the isolated extra
toriod that predominate that it would draw an arc to it, and then go to
free air ? 

hmmmmmmm...   im starting to realize i know nothing again  ;) 

Scot D