Re: Winding a Secondary


Hi Ted ..... 

on my 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8" secondaries I took a piece of plywood turned it
down on the lathe to fit the inside of the tube .... from there I
drilled the center point out to allow a plastic 1/4 20 bolt ( available
from the hobby shop known as wing bolts) and inserted it into that hole
... glued the bolt into place and since i use a common platform for my
primary configurations ... the hole is always centered in the primary
base.    I glue the appropriate discs into the bottom of the tubes and
then all I have to do is change the primary and insert the matching
secondary set into the hole in the primary base  apply the wing nut and
WALA     a new coil to intimidate the neighbors with :) WEG    

as long as you keep the dia. to height below 1:7 ( including toriod) 
you should have too much a problem with tip over unless you live on a
hill or in a windy area  :) 

Scot D