Re: SRSG firing problems

hi Nathan ....  


it sounds like you are getting the inital surge of power thru your
system for the first burst ...    your cap seems right for the tranny
...   a 15/60 needs about  .010 mF 

since you are using a sync gap system ...   is your gap set properly to
the timing ?  try rotating the whole motor assembly  CCW  or CW till you
get an improved output

a 15/60 should produce about 24 + "  of streamer  ( i have no idea of
what your secondary is ) 

aka  you may have to move the motor ( CCW or CW ) in relation to the
stationary gap ( stationary) posts ( like the timing on a distributor on
a car)   if you consider the timing on a car compared to the timing of a
coil  you need to have the rotory ( distibutor) in sync with the firing
point of the spark plugs at top dead center of the cylinder ( aka top of
the sine wave maybe a bit on the down side due to current lag)    

the buzzing all the time is the potential of electricty trying to fire
off at the non conductive state of the gap system ( its trying  but no
gap to fire to )     try moveing the motor 45 degrees left or right  
...   see if that improves the output ...   then move back and forth
till you see best output...

Scot D