Winding a transformer

Hi ! 

I have found a transformer core made of metal sheets.
Metal sheets are shaped like E and I letters. 
It is 1800W and max. inductance in my core is 12000 Gs 
I know all the formulas necessary to count number of turns for primary
and secondary and wire diameter. Unfortinatelly i have a problem with
The window in my core is to small ( I mean the space intended for wire
between real core and frame). 
My home power system is 220 V and 50 Hz so the primary schould have
220 turns (it makes the transformer to take from my power supply about
8 A current and it makes about 1760W). I counted that diameter of wire
schould be about 2,7 mm , but practically 1,7 diameter wire is not
goaing to be hot while working. My problem appears when i want to make
There is too little space (of course i remember about isolation and
sufficient wire diameter). I can make about 3 KV transformer , but its
not good to use (not very high voltage , very high current).
This is short description of my problem, and now i want to explain to
You my solution and ask if it is a good idea.
All countings (number of turns) were made for a transformer that will
work properly directly connected to my power supply. In fact to use it
with a tesla coil i schould connect it with a ballast.
That fact made me to think about less turns of primary in my
I mean that i can make about 90 turns primary and about 5000 turns
secondary (with isolation). It will not work connected to a power supply 
(the fuse will burn), but i thought to connect it with a ballast.
The ballast will keep current at level of about 8 A and my transformer 
will give about 12KV and about 150mA.
But this is only theory. How it will work in practice.
Will it work , or loss of power will be high? 

Kamil Kompa

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