Re: Poly-Lok polyester resin transformer...

Hi Rick,

Ahhhh, the never ending subject ;o)).

> Original Poster: Apollo <ollopa-at-jps-dot-net>
> It's not 5min epoxy in the NST.  Epoxy is a clear
>polyamine resin, the NST has a tan-colored polyester
>resin.  I've made no claims about 5min epoxy...
> Just find a transformer potted in the stuff and try it
>on that.

True, but epoxy is very similar in itīs properties and as
I mentioned, I tried using acetone to remove Bondo (which
IS a polyester resin) and it didnīt work. Also see Scottīs
message from today. As he mentions, it will only slightly
swell resin, if submerged for a longer length of time (which
you did). Plus, if you add the dangers of damaging the NST
and the price of the acetone (of which you will most certainly
need more than 1-2 quarts), then Iīll stick to my original
comment, that it isnīt really worth the trouble. I donīt know
what NSTs cost in 1999-2000. In the 80īs, while still living in
Calif., I got mine for free (my favorite price), but I think for
the price of the acetone alone, you could get a 15/30 or a
12/60 (still encased of course). Luckily for me, I donīt have
to deal with cased NSTs, as our (German) units are open
framed and very durable, when it comes to current. I
modified a 7.5kV/75mA unit for a bone scaring 350mA.
That is a *mild* increase of 466% ;o)) The single unit (which
is also a 75mA unit) that I am using to power my coil right
now, is modified for 170mA and it doesnīt get a fart warmer
than in itīs 75mA life ;o)). The 350mA mod DOES get warm,
tho, so it isnīt any good 24/7/365 usage. The typical 75mA
unit is heavier than the U.S. 15/60mA in itīs still potted state.

Anyway, I hope the trouble you went to (to recuperate
your NST), was worthwhile and that it (the NST, NOT
the trouble ;o) lasts you a loooong time.

Coiler greets from Germany,