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Re: John's sync-adjust circuit

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> I was getting 45degrees instead of the 20 - 30degrees I reported. I
>  saw the 45deg and it registered in my head as less. I rechecked it
>  this morning to make sure. So I guess it is working correctly?


Yes, it seems to be working perfectly.
>  >I am very surprised that such a small amount of capacitance did the
>  >job.  For a 1/8th HP motor, I would have expected that about 60uF
>  >would have been needed.  Does the motor remain locked for the full
>  >range of the series variac?  Or do you have to keep the variac within
>  >a certain range?  Is this about a 7.5A variac or so?
>  Yes it stays in sync the whole time. I can watch the electrodes move
>  when turning the variac using the strobe light. They stay steady when
>  I stop turning the variac. This is through the whole adjustment range
>  of the variac. The variac is a small one, maybe 5A don't know for
>  sure.

It will be intriquing to discover why your motor needs such a small
capacitor.  Maybe one of the caps is different?  A larger value cap
mixed in with the others?  It will be interesting to see if anyone else
encounters a situation that requires such a small cap.


>  Alan