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Re: Ryan's Coil

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<< Hey again.  We took some photos of the coil tonight, so hopefully I'll be
 able to show them to the list this week.  The coil often strikes the ground
 (6.5'), and has hit a grounded object over 7 feet away - with only 4.8 kW. 
 But holy geez, do those MOTs get hot... they start smoking after only 30
 seconds or so.  And they're solid metal, so it takes em' forever to cool
 down.  Oh well...   Also, strikes to the primary are basically constant.  A
 strike ring would keep the arcs from hitting the primary coil, but it would
 still attract arcs itself.  I guess there isn't really anything we can do
 about it without winding a taller secondary.
    -- Ryan Ries


You could go to a two toroid system which I have done on my 6" coil.  The 
first toroid on the secondary is to prevent breakout of sparks at the top 
windings, then the sparks will leave from the larger raised toroid.  This 
accomplished two things, added more top load capacitance which I needed and 
raised the breakout point by another approximately 16" from the secondary.  
The lower toroid is 33" in diameter and the upper toroid is 40".  I also use 
a strike rail.  You can see pictures of this coil at my web page:

Ed Sonderman