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Re: A little worried. I don't want landlord to ban my hobby.

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> I almost ended up being told that I could no longer stay there if I wanted
>  to keep the coil. Meaning that I coulnd't even POSESS it let alone run it!!
>  Her exact words were "Then you can't have it. Nobody is allowed to have
>  something dangerous here."


In the world, there are some people who are unreasonable and can
be hard to deal with.  If the pupman site was changed to make it less
scary, there would still be some folks who would be scared by it.  But
in my opinion, the site *should* be scary..... to let the newbie coilers
of the world know of the extreme lethal dangers they face with this hobby.
Forewarned is Forearmed.  As you said, it's best not to show the
landlady the pupman site or any other internet Tesla site.