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Re: A little worried. I don't want landlord to ban my hobby.

Original poster: "Mark Broker by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <broker-at-uwplatt.edu>


Perhaps you should demand that she confiscate all her tennants' knives,
since they are dangerous, too?  ;-)  

My landlord saw my TC, and was very inquizative of it.  Of course it was in
pieces while I "fixed" it, and I've never run it at my apt (it technically
belongs the the physics dpt).  He even called me his mad scientist for
about a month.  My landlady got more upset when I told her that my fiance
takes an occasional shower and occasionally washes a load of laundry here
(they pay utilities - long unrelated story).  Go figure.

My biggest TC mistake was talking about it during a job interview (happened
the other day).  I thought it was a good example of my experiences with
designing something.  I mean I came up with a goal, then a conceptual
design, some more R&D, presented a proposal with itemized (incomplete)
budget to the physics dpt chairperson, then completed the design, and
finally built the thing.  Instead, I got a look of "You do *WHAT* in your
free time?!?!  I'm now concerned for your physical AND mental wellbeing."
I then spent about 3 minutes discussing safety, which included a "...you
gain a little respect for HV safety when you see the thing flinging 5 foot
lightning bolts while operating...."  Fortunately, it was just a "practice"
interview with a company I don't really want to work for  ;-)

Give her a couple weeks/months, and she'll get over it.

Mark B.