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Re: Sword-like VTTC spark pix at my website

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> Nice photos John!
>  I'm glad to have seen this really unusual spark in your pictures- I never
>  quite knew what you meant before.  My coil does not exhibit this
>  phenomenon, but I use a horizontal breakout and a larger topload.   With
>  smaller CW coils, I can get a single vertical strand of arc into air (the
>  811-a coil schematic at www.angelfire-dot-com/electronic/cwillis/811acoil.html
>  will do this) but the appearance is not the same. 


I forgot to mention too, but some of my coils cannot produce the
straight swordlike spark no matter what I do.  It must be a combo
of the coil shape, tuning and osc. characteristics, feedback, coil
Q, etc.  I'm not sure what coil parameters are most important to
the effect.  I posted more about the horizontal sparks in another
posting today.