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Re: Meissner oscillator

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>  3. Of course it is possible as well to wire the frequency determining 
>  components into the control grid circuit e.g. by paralelling the grid 
>  coil by a capacitor. In this case no tank capacitor is used. This 
>  circuit is a modification of the standard Meissner oscillator circuit. 
>  The drawback here is that the output power is smaller, because 
>  there is no resonant rise in the plate coil. Therefore this 
>  modification is used as local oscillator in receivers mostly.
>  Mark Rzeszotarski has built such a small VTTC which produced a 
>  1" brush.

Herwig, all,

I built this type of coil also,  and it gave only a 5" spark, even
when rather tightly coupled.  When running in the normal tuned 
plate mode, it gave a 7" spark. 

John Freau