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Re: Telsa Tornandos,

Original poster: "Mike Novak by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <acmnovak-at-msn-dot-com>

snipz below...
> > Snip!
> >
> > You know, you might just have the hint to what creates these sprites in
> > subject line. A tornado had an eye of relatively calm air in the middle.
> > perhaps a small whirlwind is being occasionaly created at the top of the
> > sphere and since sparks travel through still air easier than moving air
> > spark is following the eye of the "Storm".

I think you're confusing tornadoes and hurricanes... Tornadoes have a
violent updraft in their center whereas hurricanes have a massive calm
region in their center. I think the convection current is what causes these
"tornadoes" on your TC. I've seen this phenomenon in almost every tesla
coil, with or without a sphereical topload. I've even seen sparks that start
normally, produce a spiral-like arc, then end just as it began.

> >
> > It certainly would explain the corkscrew effect.
> Hi Garry!
> Your Eye-of-the-Storm analogy is interesting. It brings up several
> 1) Do they spiral clockwise or counter-clockwise? Storms are consistent in
> direction.
> 2) Does the direction of spiral depend upon which side of the equator
> on? Water spiraling down a drain reverses direction as you cross the

That's a good question. I've seen some that were sideways, slightly away
from the toroid which is kinda weird..

> Answering these questions might require a view from above the coil, (not a
> good place to sit) and international cooperation. I doubt many serious
> coilers would have the coins left to take their VTTC on a world cruise
> they could get a research grant from some foundation. (Hey, an
> vacation that might be worth a try!)

He he he, I hear ya... I think most coilers won't have the clams to go on
intercontinental trips. At least, the coilers who actually still have coils

Best wishes,

-Mike Novak