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Re: RSG sweet-spot

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*Correction*   below, where I said *start* , i meant to say *lock*.

To Terry about the greater fervor for keeping the list on-topic....
I say.....    BRAVO ! 


> Chris, Trent,
>  Another method that may work is to use the phase shifter circuit.
>  This circuit can be adjusted to give some resonant rise, which can
>  help to start the motor despite a heavy rotor.  Select a phase shift
>  cap size that gives enough resonant rise to start the motor.  (Adjust
>  the variac knob top the position that gives the most reso-voltage rise
>  to start the motor.)  But
>  adjust the mechanical phase such that the motor is normally run
>  at a different variac postion, where the voltage is lower.  (This way
>  the motor starts at high voltage, but runs at a lower voltage for
>  less stress on the components.)   
>  What I mention above is a special way to use the phase shifter
>  circuit.  It is normally not used that way.
>  The phase shifter circuit can be seen at:
>     http://hometown.aol-dot-com/futuret/page3.html
>  John Freau