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MMCPower4 and AC ratings

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

Hi All,

A few people mentioned that there was some confusion over the AC voltage
ratings in MMCPower4 (the document on which MMC power/current ratings are


I looked it over and it seems right to me.  In the life calculations, you
really do use the true AC ratings which is always right around 630 volts.
However, I really don't trust the life calculations equations much since in
"true" life they have not seems accurate at all.  Those equations are real
goofy to begin with even though they are pretty standard.

If I missed the point or there are still questions let me know.  I was not
able to really look into it before.

I have also been playing with Kurt's Excel version of MMCCalc and it is
super cool!!  I strongly recommend it over the basic version for those that
have Excel.


Many thanks to Kurt for all the great work and making such a nice tool!