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The AutoCoil

Original poster: "Matt Skidmore by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <fox-at-woozle-dot-org>

Someone had mentioned making a small tesla coil that would operate on
their car. well i had thought of this beforehand and may attempt to try
this. i have a pickup truck and thought it might be cool to sit this in
the back near the tailgate. couple of questions have come up thought.
grounding being the most important. some people do not ground their coils.
how do you get away with this? the coils i have built insist on being
grounded otherwise they arc to the primary. maybe insultaing the end would
stop this? how about stepping up the voltage from a regular car battery? i
think ive seen some neon transformers built for cars but i wouldnt know
where to find one and iver never seen a spec rating for them. i suppose if
they couldnt be found the apperatus is avalible for stepping up to 120 and
then using a regular neon transformer. lastly, if the topload could be
elevated enough and the sparks werent extremely long you could probably
get away without having it strike your vehicle and damaging anything.