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RE: corona/spark breakout

Original poster: "sundog by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <sundog-at-timeship-dot-net>

Hi All, Matt

A small toroid at the top of the secondary will help shield the windings and
reduce corona breakout.  Or a large toroid instead of a sphere.  Your
topload looks to be a bit high up off the coil.

Looking at the construction of the top of your coil, do you have the wire
running inside the form at the base?  Are there baffles inside the form?   I
found out the hard way that even just the bolt heads inside the form at the
top and bottom can make it flash over internally.  At the least I'd cover
the bolt head with a layer of silicon goop to reduce corona.

 Hope it helps!

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Subject: corona/spark breakout

Original poster: "Matt Skidmore by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"

I am having a problem with the connection from my secondary to the topload
of my coil. i have the secondary varnished until the last few inches where
the secondary wire runs up to a bolt in the pvc cap.
pictured here:
its not a very good spiral or hookup and a get large corona and many time
sparks coming off these last few turns. i was wondering if it you be a
good idea to solder the wire to a flattened peice of copper and glur that
to the pvc, and then use an insulated wire to carry the rest of the way to
the bolt. the insulated wire also being soldered to a flat peice of copper
and then rubber banded to the one glued to the pipe. i have used the same
meathod to ground my coil with good results. and in case your wondering,
the bolt running inside the secondary has a THICK layer of insultaing
sealant on it along with 4 baffels inside the secondary.