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Re: "Scotty, Beam me up!"

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> !  Many 
> > people on this list guffaw at me for encouraging wireless electrical 
> > transmission and believing in Teslas wireless world system, but I have 
> > seen for myself that it is real!  And that is only with my dual modified 
> > neon setup with a tuned remote secondary. Imagine what a large pole pig 
> > tranny could be capable of!     Al. 
> > 
> <SNIP> 
> Al, 
> Have seen claims for this, but never heard it actually being done with a 
> motor. Did YOU actually drive a motor using this setup? If so, did you 
> rectify the receiver's output beforehand and what size motor have you 
> been able to drive and at what distance? 
> -- Bert -- 

Bert et al, 
        As Cicero would have said, DE FONTE COGITATE! 
        Also see previous post for circuit to run a 0.9mW motor at 20 miles 
with only ~ 50KW of input power. Yes, strictly speaking, A motor can be 
powered from energy radiated by A coil. 

Matt D.